One out of five people who hold life insurance acknowledges their cover isn’t enough.

That’s excellent news for businesses looking to drum up more life insurance leads. You have a veritable ground of potential consumers who see your product’s value and are halfway to being converted.

However, getting such leads to nurture is not as easy, and without the right approach, your investment will waste away. Let’s look at five proven methods that can help you secure more leads.

1. Online Lead Generation

Did you know that 88% of consumers research their purchases online before hitting a store or finalizing an online purchase? If you’re looking to grow your sales, that’s not something you can afford to ignore.

If you’re going to take advantage of the web for more leads, you must begin with a website. Your site is your piece of online real estate that other digital marketing strategies will direct traffic to.

Once your website is live, you need to generate quality content that’s personalized for your target market. That means developing a buyer persona to help you dig deeper into the psyche of your target market.

The more you personalize your content, the more it resonates with your target audience. That increases the appeal for prospects to come to your website and find out more since you’ll come across as a brand that can solve their insurance needs.

Search engine optimization (SEO) and paid ads are vital in making your business more visible to prospects online. The former generates organic traffic while the latter drives paid traffic to your site.

As long as these three elements work in concert, you can generate, and quality leads to bump your sales up.

2. Referrals

The highest form of marketing you can ever receive is an endorsement from one person to another. Typically, it’s usually a client who becomes an ambassador to their friends and family.

You can go with the tried and tested form of lead gen via referrals by requesting your clients to refer your business to others. If you’ve built enough trust with such a client, you’ll be top of mind when someone asks for insurance solutions.

Partnering with other businesses is also a productive way to generate more sales leads. Such a relationship works best when it’s a business you can have a symbiotic relationship with as everyone benefits.

For example, it’s common to see life insurance providers partner with schools to sponsor their events. In return, the school will feature the life insurance policy to the parents and guardians, who form a core target market for the insurers.

Referral groups are also a worthy investment to consider for more leads. Since these groups hold meetings with only one member from a profession, you would not be a threat to other attendees as you discuss referrals for more leads.

3. Buying Leads

Purchasing leads has several salient benefits, the least of which is the time you save. Wouldn’t you want to have a regular source of quality leads that also frees you up to pursue more business growth?

The lynchpin to making paid leads work for you is to find a good lead service that understands the value of customer intent. There are instances where lead services focus on generating leads regardless of quality, which can derail you.

You want to invest in a lead generation service that understands the alignment between customer intent and the right keywords to bid for.

Another vital issue that can make or break your paid leads experience is affiliate generated traffic. At times, lead service providers partner with affiliate marketers who send lead their way in return for compensation.

If the affiliate program isn’t closely managed, it can result in poor quality leads, making your investment a waste. In absolute terms, affiliate generated traffic isn’t a negative.

However, you need to partner with a lead service firm that closely monitors the quality of the affiliate generated leads it relies on.

4. Advertising

Despite the rise of the internet and its impact on purchase decisions, traditional advertising is still well and truly alive. It, therefore, still factors in as a value addition to your lead generation mix.

Before deploying traditional advertising, you need to prove your sales copy works. Unlike the good old days where advertisers had to wait after the fact to assess the results, you don’t have to.

For every sales copy version you craft, run A/B tests using your digital channels. These can be Facebook, pay-per-click (PPC) or Google ads. You’ll get the results in real-time and determine what copy resonates most with your audience.

You can then use that outperforming sales copy to run newspaper ads. Just be sure to opt for both digital and physical campaigns as the latter primarily ropes in seniors.

The sales copy generating excellent results doesn’t go to waste after this. You can repurpose the content for television ads. But you have to go about this wisely if you’re to lift your incoming leads.

The best route is to repurpose your proven sales copy into short videos (one to two minutes) that you run online. These videos now act as an A/B testing ground for your television campaign.

Monitor the response you receive and your metrics to hit on the right video ad proposition. From there, it’s easy to shoot the ad, knowing it’s proven to generate results ahead of the (typically significant) investment outlay.

5. Events

Your brand can put on lead generation events where they target the heart of an issue the attendees have and offer solutions. You must be careful not to host an event where you’re hammering attendees over the head with life insurance.

Instead, host seminars, charities, local events, and even Q&A sessions that speak to the audience’s thorny needs/issues. In between the proceedings, you can organically feature your life insurance services and generate leads to follow through.

Are You Poised to Drum up Your Life Insurance Leads?

The market is ripe with consumers who see the need to shore up their life insurance covers. That’s half the battle won in selling more policies but only if you meet the right prospects. Invest heavily in a slew of life insurance leads channels to attract high-quality leads and buoy your sales.

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