Almost 90% of people say that reviews influence their decision to buy something. 

Influence is powerful when it comes to getting people to take action on a website. It can be decisive if they decide to opt-in for your business and become a lead. 

Reviews are just one example of how it can affect your health insurance sales. People buy if they see that other people buy and they’ve had a positive experience from it. 

But there’s also a lot more that goes into health insurance sales. You have to know everything about the target market and think about what goes into their buying decision. 

Here are 7 tips to consider that can help you get more health insurance leads for 2021. 

1. It Starts With a Relationship

Every sales call is about building a relationship with the leads. You should not only try to get a sale but you should understand who they are as a person. You want to know how you can help them. 

Sales are about meeting your quote or about getting as many sales as possible, it’s about building a relationship with every lead. That means understanding why health insurance can benefit them in particular. 

Don’t talk about the sale, talk about them and their problems. The more you understand the leads and who they are as a person, the more they will be heard.

2. Segment Your Leads

Another critical part of generating more sales is realizing that every lead is different.

You want to segment them based on their interests and if they are ready to buy. Segmenting your leads means realizing that every conversation you have with your leads will be different. 

You should segment them based on the decisions they make. The more you categorize your leads, the more prepared you are when you talk to them on a sales call. 

3. Identify the Gap

The gap is letting your leads know what life would be like if they didn’t have health insurance.

When you’re on a health insurance call, you should talk about this gap. Talk about how life would be if they didn’t have this particular health insurance. When you talk about this gap and how it can make a difference in their life, you are showing the pain points. 

You are making them realize that their life would be more difficult without your health insurance. 

4. Listen to Their Needs

Every sales call is about listening to the needs of the consumer. You should be listening more than you should be talking.

The more you listen to your leads, the more they feel appreciated. They feel like you are a friend rather than someone who wants to make a sale. 

This is also why you should look at customer data, so you better understand their needs before you talk to them. 

5. Talk About Success Stories

Another tip when you are talking to a lead is to talk about the success stories from other customers. Talk about how your health insurance helped someone when something happened in their life. 

Talking about success stories is a great way to influence someone’s purchase decision. It makes them feel like they aren’t alone and someone is like them. 

6. Don’t Mention the Price

When you are on a sales call, you shouldn’t mention the price. You should discuss the benefits of the product. Talk about the customer journey, the pain points of what someone goes through if they don’t have health insurance. 

By not mentioning the price, you avoid making the product about the price. You are providing value without the price. You are showing someone the value of your product so they won’t care about your price. 

You can also demonstrate how price isn’t a factor when someone buys health insurance because it’s worth it. You are showing how health insurance is a major priority in someone’s life, therefore price doesn’t matter. 

7. Don’t Force It

The final tip when it comes to health insurance sales is not to force it. 

You may mention all of the pain points and benefits of health insurance, but it ultimately comes down to someone’s decision. You don’t want to keep pushing someone to make a sale if they don’t feel comfortable with making one. 

Instead, you should offer that person more information about your health insurance. You should ask them if they want additional information through email, which gives you an opportunity to put them on your email list. 

Overall, the more you force it and try to make a sale, the more it pushes someone away from a sale. It can make you seem desperate. It can make you seem like you want it more than the person you are talking to. 

Be informational but patient when you talk to a customer. It may take a while to warm up a lead and turn them into a paying customer. Your patience will finally pay off when you do wait. 

Now You Know How to Generate More Health Insurance Sales

A solid sales strategy is a major part of any business, especially when it comes to health insurance sales. These tips can help you understand sales and your customer better. 

You can understand their needs and what they are looking for. These strategies can help you figure out what to talk about on a sales call and why it’s important to stick with these strategies. Overall, whenever you talk about health insurance leads with any customer, it should be about their problems and how you can help them overcome a problem.  

If you have questions about health insurance, you can contact us here.