With the kind of competition in the insurance world, your company/agency can’t survive without proper marketing. Proper marketing means adopting a new approach brought about by digital marketing strategies.

If you want to beat the competition and attract new customers to your insurance, you have to understand that customers today don’t wait to be told but do their own research. Online insurance marketing has taken over everything, and if you’re not leveraging it, then your business won’t survive.

Here are insurance marketing strategies that are going to see you succeed in getting customers in this era.

Work on Your Website

If you’re hoping to survive in the current market, you must have an active website optimized for leads. Face to face interactions are long gone, and the only meeting place you have with your customers is on your website. And it’s not a random one; you need to doctor it to suit your customer’s expectations.

You need a well-designed and functional website because 75% of your customers will judge your credibility by what they see on your site. Customers don’t need to spend a lot of time on your site before connecting with your site. A good website needs to be secure, fast, and mobile-friendly.

Don’t forget to include your contact information and a call to action on your site because that will prompt the customer to take your desired action. Make the website attractive and easy to navigate, and you’ll see sales leads coming in from all corners.

The Power of Social Media on Insurance Marketing

Social media marketing has become necessary for every business now as customers use social media to shop, research, and connect. This is not just a platform to advertise what you’re offering but to create a strong connection with your target customers.

If you want your insurance business to appeal to the younger generation, you must build your presence on social media platforms. YouTube marketing or Facebook ads will expose you to a new set of customers that your business won’t want to leave behind.

Fast pace nature of social media not only exposes your business to huge traffic but also allows you to connect with your customers and solve their issues. This is where you give your customers an opportunity to reach out to you with queries, complaints, and reviews.

Build Relationship With Content Marketing

There is a huge marketing power in content that your business must find. Useful content helps you connect and stay in touch with your customers. Content also help you attract new customers and improve your marketing strategy.

Content has the power to generate traffic on your website as they portray your authority and build credibility. Your customers go through your content whenever they come across your blog. According to a Forrester report, an average person will go through 11.4 pieces of content before they finally make a purchase decision.

Leverage the power of search engine optimization to expand your content reach. Find out target keywords and phrases that will make your page creep in the search results and enable your target customers to find you. Ask yourself if the content you’re posting can convert.

Referrals and Reviews Mean a Lot

When it comes to reviews and referrals, everything narrows back to how happy your previous customers are with your products. A happy customer is more than willing to write a positive review on your site and refer a friend. Referred customers are four times likely to convert.

Many customers will refer their friends and write reviews even when you don’t ask them to because they’re happy purchasing from you, and they want their friends to benefit too. But you can also make this better by creating a referral program. How about you gift every referral from your customer with an enticing reward?

You also need to encourage your customers to leave reviews after every purchase. This is the only way you’re going to get consistent feedback either on Google, Facebook, or other online sites. Reviews help your company build trust and generate quality leads for your insurance.

Don’t forget to respond professionally to each review, whether they’re negative or positive.

Try Video Marketing

One thing about videos is that they don’t go unnoticed. Nielsen’s new report shows that an average consumer in the U.S spends six hours every day on videos. This means that many people can’t scroll past videos, and you need to use that to your advantage.

There are many ways you can get started with video marketing. The first way is to create how-to videos because people need these informative videos to learn some things. It’s not a must that what you’re teaching be insurance-related but informative enough and create the trust.

Stop that mentality of making videos about yourself but your customers. You can use videos to display the testimonies of your customers.

Finally, make videos that showcase your commitment to society. Social responsibility will sell you out to a great number of customers, and you must show them that you care.

Grow Your Networks

When it comes to digital marketing for insurance, LinkedIn will offer you the right opportunity to grow your network. LinkedIn allows you to reach people far beyond your locality. The more networks you grow, the more you expand your reach.

A few ways to make use of the power of LinkedIn are to ensure you complete your profile, whether personal or business. Make sure you send connection requests to potential leads and use personalized notes with each request. Don’t forget to build relationships by engaging your connections and follow up all the leads.

And yes, don’t forget to post frequently.

Take Your Digital Marketing to the Next Level

Marketing in the insurance industry means taking every person you meet as a potential customer, and you must convert them. Unfortunately, Billboards, posters, and word of mouth are no longer working. Digital insurance marketing is what’s going to see your business improve its lead generation and expand its reach.

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