Is physically going to work becoming a thing of the past?

While some jobs require people on-premise, many do not in this technological age. Statistics reveal that 4.3 million Americans work from home at least half of the time.

Why is remote work so popular?

5 Reasons People Opt for Remote Work

Are you considering a career you can manage from home? Keep reading to learn why a growing number of people choose remote jobs!

1. They Can

Up until recent years, the employed population needed to commute for work. They simply did not get the option to work from home.

As technology quickly advanced, this changed. Many jobs no longer require your physical presence.

Mobile phones and high-speed internet with data plans expanded the way we see an office. You can reach out to clients, create documents and spreadsheets, make and answer calls, and so much more, from the comfort of your own home. The further technology advances, the more it connects us from anywhere in the world.

2. Technology Added New Opportunities

Not only did technology make working from home possible. It also added jobs that people never dreamed of.

For instance, today’s freelancers can build websites, write blogs, increase Search Engine Optimization (SEO), create databases, develop apps, etc. As people develop new technologies, sometimes from home, they create more opportunities for running lucrative businesses from home!

3. Changing Values

Where people saw value in working hard for the man over the past century or so, newer generations place more importance on creative entrepreneurial ventures that bring them freedom. These young adults see the importance of balance in life.

To understand why this change occurred, look to the trends of today. Exercising, yoga, eating balanced, traveling, and having fun all climbed into the top of people’s priority list.

You see it everywhere. The way people dress in yoga pants, healthy restaurants grow in number, you see more adult venues with games, and so on.

Eating healthy and working out do not fit well into a busy office schedule. But, working from home allows you to fit them in better.

Maybe this change comes from the recent recognition of mental health. People now understand the toll of working more than playing and missing out on important social interactions and value happiness more than ever.

So, people opt out of that office life. They choose a workspace that keeps them feeling less anxious and saner.

This also may stem from social media influencing values. One person can post about their wonderful life working from home, and millions might see it, thousands may want it, and hundreds may choose it.

4. Flexibility

Another core American value worth mentioning is time. This did not recently come about, but the way we choose to spend it changed.

Working from home both gives you more time and allows you more options on how to allocate it. Here’s how.

Leaving the house for work requires time to get ready, commute, get yourself situated at the office, and more. Working from home saves you this time, and allows more flexibility for when you want to work.

You can work around your doctor’s appointment or yoga class. It also allows you to sleep in when you need it and work late into the night when you simply cannot rest.

We see more than 11 million single-parent families in America today. This makes leaving for work difficult, if not impossible for some.

Working from home allows parents to stay home with their children and spend more time with them. This also helps students, people working two or more jobs, and free spirits who simply need an open schedule.

5. It Saves Money

This set-up can save money for both the worker and the employer. Think about the costs of working elsewhere.

You spend money commuting, parking, eating out, hiring childcare, etc. Plus, you lose potential working hours during longer commutes.

Employers save on this too, which leaves them room to pay their workers more. They eliminate expenses like renting office space, purchasing office equipment, and more.

How to Work from Home

Do you want to work from home? Discover your strengths and then choose a career that works for you!

Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)

Extroverts with a business mindset tend to soar in this type of platform. You pretty much aim to grow your team while selling the products and services your MLM provides.

This type of work gives you tons of flexibility and often keeps you working with family and friends. It also hands out tons of incentives like pay bonuses, free products or services, vacations, and other amazing perks.

If you can reach out to people you know, book meetings, present opportunities, train new team members, and continuously work on self-development, then you will rock in this business model. Note, you can, and should pursue other (non-MLM) streams of income at the same time.


Do you possess any special creative skills? Freelancing allows you to use your talent when and where you want, without a long-term commitment to any one company.

You can often pick up contracts while networking your MLM! Some awesome freelance jobs include writing, photography, graphic design, web design, search engine optimization, and bookkeeping.

Wellness Leaders

Capitalize on the nation’s current interest in wellness. You can often manage this from home.

Get a degree or certificate for nutrition, personal training, instructing yoga, energy healing, or one of the other many available options that interest you. Again, any of these not only allow you to work an MLM, but also expand your reach for your MLM networking.


Most educators work from home even when they teach at school. Save yourself the hassle and start educating from home.

Many students opt for online classes because learning from home provides more convenience as well. You can also tutor out of your home for a less intensive and super rewarding experience.

Start Working from Home Today

Does this all sound appealing to you?

Many remote work positions do not require too much planning or setting up to begin. But, they change your life in numerous positive ways!

We want to help you venture out into the unknown and begin your new career at home. Contact us to find ways we can help you with your business.