Marketing budgets are bigger than ever. Last year, for instance, businesses were set to spend $240 billion on their digital and traditional marketing endeavors. That’s serious money.

The common thread behind those sky-high budgets? Two words: Lead generation.

That’s right- businesses fork out a fortune in order to drive a steady stream of leads to their doors. After all, no business can last long without a ready supply of prospective customers. Investing in lead generation helps companies ensure they’re never short on sales.

But we think there’s a better way. Buying leads is one particular lead generation strategy that can save you serious time, effort, and money. Want to find out how?

Read on to discover 7 incentives to buy leads for your business.

1. There’s a Continuous Supply

Traditional lead generation is a never-ending process.

After all, you can never have enough people expressing their interest in your products/services! Achieving a steady supply of quality leads is key to helping the sales team do their job and generate revenue.

If the flow of leads dries up, then there’s nobody to convert; the business will soon be in financial trouble. As such, companies must be tireless with their marketing efforts. They can’t afford to fall behind or fail.

Buying leads is a quick-fix for this issue. You can purchase a long list of leads to work your way through. Then, as you approach the end of it, you can simply purchase another set!

2. They’re Available Instantaneously

Attracting leads isn’t easy.

In fact, the reality of generating leads for your sales team can be long and hard. It’s a matter of constant outreach, ceaseless content production, ongoing ad campaigns, and rigorous testing and analysis.

You have to hone in on the strategies that work best. And, at the end of it all, there’s still no saying that your leads will convert.

Aside from the money involved in the lead-gen process, it takes forever to do!

But not when you buy them instead.

Suddenly, ‘attracting’ leads is a matter of paying for another individual or organization to provide them. You’re able to access leads instantaneously, saving yourself a headache in the process.

3. Less Pressure on Marketing Teams

Marketers are under constant pressure to perform.

They’re the ones responsible for driving interest to your business’ door. If they fail, then so does the business. In worst cases, that pressure can backfire and hinder performance, perpetuating the struggle.

Buying leads takes the pressure off.

It would be a bit like a busy chef having customers’ orders pre-cooked and ready to go.

With a supply of leads taken care of, marketers can breathe a sigh of relief. It enables them to turn their attention to other things, or further lead generation.

4. Quality and Quantity Taken Care Of

There’s a misconception that leads you purchase are of a lower quality to those you earn.

If that was true, then the benefits of buying leads would be negligible. It would be akin to somebody purchasing followers on social media, only to find they’re all bots and fake profiles.

Obviously, it’s no good having somebody’s contact details if they’re never going to make a purchase. That’s a recipe for wasting everyone’s time.

The reality of buying leads is somewhat different.

Sure, some lower-level companies may have databases populated with low-quality leads. Higher quality providers, though, offer enormous databases full of the leads you need.

You’ll be supplied with the contact details of qualified individuals with an interest in your business. It’s top-quality leads on tap.

5. Worthwhile ROI

You never get something for nothing; buying quality leads definitely isn’t free.

But you can see it as an investment. For one thing, you provide your sales team with a solid opportunity to clean up, driving revenue your way.

Even better, you can enjoy far greater margins in the process. After all, you’ve no longer got a team full of marketers focused on lead-generation; your sales team gets to wave goodbye to time-consuming and expensive cold calls.

Instant access to quality leads that convert with ease equates to higher profits. And that, of course, is what it’s all about. Indeed, almost 30% of new start-ups fail due to a lack of capital.

You’re more likely to avoid that eventuality by avoiding wasted expenditure on ineffective marketing and pursuing cold leads.

6. Better Customer Service

With the leads covered, you’ll have more time on your hands as well.

This allows you to re-invest it into key areas of the business, such as customer service. You now have the resources available to ensure current customers receive a quality experience with the business.

Rates of customer retention are likely to go up as a result.

That’s good news. After all, it’s no good losing existing customers (at the hands of things like poor service/experience) as quickly as you acquire new ones. It turns into a turnstile- one in one out isn’t the way to grow a business!

Buy leads, gain resources, and improve the customer experience. You’ll see your company grow exponentially faster.

7. Higher Rates of Conversion

What does your conversion rate look like at the moment?

We’re guessing it could be better.

One of the surest ways to see the figures improve is to focus your attempts around qualified leads. These guys and gals have a pre-identified interest in your product/service. That, of course, makes the sales process far more straightforward.

The rate of conversion boosts accordingly.

As we noted above, quality lead providers deliver the leads you need. You’ll see your conversion rates spike as a result.

Time to Start Buying Leads

Businesses are spending more on their marketing than ever before.

After all, traditional lead generation strategies and approaches aren’t cheap. They take time, effort and expertise to do well. Thankfully, there’s an alternative! As we’ve seen, buying leads offers a more convenient way to do it. Hopefully, this post has highlighted why that’s the case.

Ready to get your hands on the leads you need?

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