7 Effective Insurance Agency Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Client Base

7 Effective Insurance Agency Marketing Strategies

When open enrollment approaches, your agency needs to be ready to advertise. Learn seven effective insurance agency marketing strategies to grow your business.

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Need help with your insurance agency marketing? In an ever-competitive world, it’s not surprising you do. Insurance is a vast market, and in some cases, like health insurance, it is required by law.

Your insurance agency needs to stand out from the rest, and entice people to choose your company over another. It could also mean offering better deals to sway people from their existing agency to yours.

Why Effective Insurance Agency Marketing is Important

It may seem like a no-brainer, but breaking through the noise of advertising and marketing to reach potential customers is no easy feat. Maintaining and keeping those customers is another difficulty too.

But keeping customers means you’re keeping them happy, and if you keep them satisfied, then they’re far more likely to recommend you to friends, family, and acquaintances. Thereby growing your client base.

One of the difficulties nowadays is that people don’t like being sold to. They want to do their own research, comparison shop and come up with their own unpressurized conclusions.

They also are naturally inclined to be skeptical of insurance companies, so building trust is critical.

But how can you effectively market your insurance agency? Here are seven ways to effectively grow your client base. Let’s take a look.

1. Make Your Website Appealing and Accessible

Your agency’s website is often your potential customer’s first experience of the company, so it needs to be a good one.

Studies show that websites have less than 15 seconds to leave an impression, and if the visitor can’t see what they want at that time, they go.

Shopping for insurance is stressful, so if your website isn’t seamless or easy-to-use, then they won’t hang around long enough to get a policy with you.

Customers nowadays, like instant, seamless, and sophisticated shopping. It’s no different from insurance shopping.

2. Brand Consistency

You need to ensure that the company’s information is consistent across each platform and channel- website, review sites, social media, etc.

Make sure this is monitored regularly, so there aren’t any cross-information or brand inconsistencies.

Alongside this, make sure the customer’s experience is consistent too. This means each client or prospect is given the same experience and info regardless of where, how, or when they found the agency.

Be sure that you have a team that can respond to questions, messages, emails, and phone calls. If people see that your brand cares and is diligent, they will be more trusting.

3. Blog

Consider creating a blog for your website. Blogs not only generate more traffic for your site, but it also shows customers that you have authority on topics.

This helps build trust and makes prospects feel reassured that the company knows its stuff.

Having a blog also allows space for clients or potential clients to have their say and open up a discussion. By actively engaging with people, you can build trust and a positive reputation.

4. Everyone’s on Their Phone

Everyone is on their phone, so utilize that. To have the best chance of growing your client base, you need a mobile-friendly website.

If potential clients try to access your company website on their mobile phone and find it a hassle to use, or incompatible, then chances are they will give up and look elsewhere.

Don’t miss out on potential customers- improve their mobile experience. In fact, according to research, searching the internet with mobile phones has now overtaken using a desktop.

Facebook is the most-used social media platform, with 1,149 billion users only using their mobile phones.

5. Social Media for the Win

As mentioned above, Facebook is the most-used social media platform. This means a lot of potential customers if you advertise on there!

To broaden your reach, your insurance agency should advertise on several search engines and social media platforms.

Of course, Google is the most popular search engine, but this doesn’t mean other platforms should be neglected.

You want your insurance to appeal to a wide demographic. By using different search engines and social media platforms, you are more willing to reach people of all ages and lifestyles. Test out different ads and styles to see how they perform.

6. Don’t Be Boring

A big mistake many insurance agencies make is that they only post boring posts or information about insurance. Create content that is engaging, valuable, and can prompt interaction with potential clients or existing customers.

You could post prompting or interesting questions and request people to leave their comments. Showing interest in people’s opinions shows that you care about people, which instantly boosts trust.

As noted above, having a blog where customers can read up on specific topics, comment, and discuss these subjects is a great way to engage with people. Having employees to respond to their comments is also invaluable- be sure to respond!

Being creative, sharing content, and engaging with people is invaluable, regardless of whether they are looking for a policy now or not.

Creating a good reputation is a must, and word spreads fast if a company is diligent and friendly with their interactions.

7. Reviews Matter

Reviews matter, a lot. In fact, they have the power to make or break your company. How so? Here are some quick statistics, according to research:

  • Consumers read roughly ten online reviews before trusting a company
  • 57% of people will only choose a company that has four stars or more
  • 89% of people look at a company’s response to reviews
  • 91% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

This clearly shows that getting good reviews is essential to growing your client base. How to get good reviews? The simple answer is- provide excellent service, be diligent, and make your customers happy.

Also, let your customers know that their reviews are valuable to you. Reach out and ask them to take the time to leave a review. Be proactive in addressing any negativity and monitor these review sites regularly.

Are You Ready to Up Your Marketing Game?

Insurance agency marketing doesn’t have to be super tricky. If you want to grow your client base, remember that website appearance is vital, mobile-friendly access is crucial, and interaction with people is invaluable.

Show people that your company is professional, trustworthy, and friendly. Want more information? Click here to contact us.