Real Time Leads

Sales Data Pro offers Real-Time Leads Tier 1 that are delivered directly to you.  All lead deliveries can be on a customizable weekly schedule, grant access to all types of traffic, can be turned on and off and tailored to fit your needs.

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  • Ping/Post Real Time Leads
  • Our real time leads are TCPA compliant
  • We capture trusted form or active prospects
  • Quality Leads - No major medical conditions
  • No duplicates

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    • Real time short form leads
    • Real time phone verified leads
    • Data is cleaned up with a suppression list - Validated phone numbers, validated emails, no government paid phones, no prepaid phones, no google voice phones - only landline or cell phone
    • Jornaya LeadiD available upon request

    Explore Real-Time Verticals

    • Health insurance
    • Tax debt forgiveness
    • Student loan consolidation
    • Solar
    • Medicare Supplement Insurance
    • Mortgage
    • Education

    Aged Internet Leads

    Verticals: Student Loan Debt | Bizzop | Health | Pay Day | Auto Warranty 

    SDP is the largest compiler of aged internet leads on the planet, you can download in real-time with full contact information, including email. We have over 140 million internet lead buyers available for download. Plans start at just $49.95 for 2000 leads! We use the buying power of thousands of customers to bring the cost down to pennies on the dollar, ensuring our leads will make you money, and you will continue to use our service.

    Watch how to pull Aged Leads Below:

    SDP Business Data

    Sales Data Pro Business Data is hast the largest number of small businesses under 6 locations available! 90% of b2b marketing is done to small businesses, and that is our primary focus, with daily updates our business data aggregation team is focused on giving you the inside edge, and take your b2b campaigns to the next level!

    What How to Pull SDP Business Data:

    SDP Consumer Data

    Sales Data Pros Consumer Data is the most updated and affordable available. We have the most popular filters, so you can find your perfect prospect with ease. DNC-Compliant Telemarketing Numbers. Get more leads and sales opportunities through our telemarketing phone lists. Connect with top-level business contacts or residential consumers through their home, office, or cell phone number.

    Also available USPS-Verified Postal Mailing Records. Our entire postal database is kept up-to-date through constant verification against the NCOA (National Change of Address) and USPS (United States Postal Service) registries.

    Watch how to pull SDP Consumer Data below:

    Lead Verticals

    Explore our list of lead verticals for Business Data.

    • Merchant Processing
    • Merchant Cash Advance
    • Business Loans
    • Telecom

    • Toner Sales
    • Business Insurance
    • Web Design
    • SEO Companies

    • Marketing Company Data
    • Office Supply
    • Office furniture

    SDP Partnership Program

    The Sales Data Pro Affiliate Program gives our customers or data sales professionals the opportunity to earn a substantial income from introducing our products and services to their network or other potential customers. Our online interface has a comprehensive affiliate system.


    • Your own private link that will track all customers you refer
    • Access to your private banner ads, text links and viral videos
    • Monthly recurring commissions
    • Aggressive commission percentages
    • Promo coupons
    • Real time reporting on clicks, signups and conversions - after signups
    • Withdraw commision at anytime
    • Weekly strategy calls

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